Terms of electricity sales Finkraft Oy

Finkraft Oy follows the terms of electricity sales as recommended by Finnish Energy Industries (Energiateollisuus ry) SME2014 (www.finkraft.fi/SME2014.pdf) and current Electricity Market Act (www.finlex.fi/fi/laki/alkup/2013/20130588/).

Start of the contract and electricity sales:

Contract is valid when vendor has processed and accepted customer’s order. Customer’s credit information is checked before making the contract. In case of distance selling customer has right to cancel the contract by contacting seller within 14 days after receiving order confirmation. Cancellation form: (www.finkraft.fi/peruuttamislomake/).

If the start date of contract is not possible for agreed time Finkraft Oy reserves the right to start sale in the place of electricity use as soon as possible.


Finkraft Oy shall invoice the user in accordance with the price information of the sale contract. Other possible charges are invoiced in accordance with public service price list (www.finkraft.fi/palveluhinnasto/).

The electricity is invoiced according to the choice of invoicing period. If metered electricity consumption information is not available for invoiced period during invoicing it will be estimated. Estimation is based on the monthly percentage of an annual consumption data reported by local distribution network. Estimated invoicing is balanced with actual consumption on the basis of a meter reading.

If customer is willing to get invoices based on meter reading the electricity is charged every month after receiving metering data from the local network. With post billing option increased basic fee is charged every month based on the current price list.

Exceptional situations:

Quotes don’t include updating ongoing contracts in same product category.

If confirmed price is not available on the billing date for variable price products, it shall be estimated. Depending on product type the used estimation is either last confirmed price information or Nasdaq Commodities electricity price for forward contracts. Estimated price is balanced when actual consumption is confirmed.

If the place of electricity use doesn’t have hourly metering equipment the purchase price will include 9 % profile cost for the products whose price is based on the stock market price.

Business customers are invoiced extra 8 % profile cost fee of product’s kWh price with consumer products.

If customer has credit data entries vendor reserves the right to charge deposit e.g. advance payment.

Expiration of the sale contract:

Sale contract which is valid indefinitely can be terminated at two weeks´notice. The user may always terminate a sale contract by the obligation to deliver written notice to our customer service info@finkraft.fi. If a fixed-term sale contract expires before the due date, Finkraft Oy is entitled to collect a contractual penalty from the user. Customer may, however,
always terminate a fixed-term sale contract at two weeks’ notice, if the place where electricity is used changes e.g., because the user moves to a different location.

Other terms:

Changes on taxes, public payments or other equated charges are taken in account on the contract prices immediately when changes take effect. Customers shall be informed about these changes and how they impact on prices as soon as the vendor has information.

In Article 3, paragraph 16 of the Directive of Electricity Market includes checklist for energy consumer, this is found on Energy Agency’s (Energiavirasto) website (www.energiavirasto.fi/documents/10179/0/kysymyksia_sahkomarkkinoista.pdf).

Notifications about errors in electricity supply, metering data or other issues related to network service shall be reported to customer’s local network distributor. Possible disputes shall be made to our customer service in the first instance info@finkraft.fi and to the Consumer Disputes Board in the alternative www.kuluttajariita.fi.