Kraft Q

This ongoing electricity contract is a carefree choice for you. You pay an up-to-date market price for electricity but you don’t have to follow price developments on a hourly or daily basis. You can change this contract without notice period.

  • Energy price for Q3 2016 (1.7.-30.9.2016) 4,17 c/kWh.
  • Energy price for Q2 2016 (1.4.-30.6.2016) 3,75 c/kWh.
  • Energy price for Q1 2016 (1.1.-31.3.2016) 5,04 c/kWh.
  • Energy price for Q4 2015 (1.10.-31.12.2015) 4,46 c/kWh.
  • Energy price for Q3 2015 (1.7.-30.9.2015) 3,58 c/kWh.
  • Energy price for Q2 2015 (1.4.-30.6.2015) 4,49 c/kWh.
  • Energy price for Q1 2015 (1.1.-31.3.2015) 5,47 c/kWh.
  • Basic price for the first two months 0,00 €/month with electronic invoicing (normally Netpost, e-invoice and email-invoice 2,99 €/month or paper invoice 4,98 €/month).

The monthly energy price is determined by forward contract prices on wholesale market and by Finkraft’s purchase and delivery costs. Price is updated quarterly in every three months and it is announced et the latest 14 days before the new quarterly starts on

Electricity is 100 % renewable energy.