Generating your own energy – we will buy your surplus electricity

Benefits of producing your own electricity

  • So far your own produced energy covers consumption you will save both electricity transfer costs and electricity costs.
  • We will pay the market price for your surplus electricity.
  • Own production makes you more self-contained.

Preconditions to sell surplus electricity

  • A contract with the local network distributor and production access contract wit local network owner (subjected to size of production and connecting point).
  • An electricity sales contract with Finkraft. With this contract you buy electricity from us when produced energy doesn’t cover your consumption.
  • Net consumption of electricity, purchased electricity volume has to be more than produced volume.
  • A household or a company whose fuse in the place of electricity usage is at the maximum 3x 63 A.
  • Produced electricity has to be renewable energy.
  • An hour metering equipment and two-way gauge, which measures separately both input and ouput energy in the network. The local network company has to be able to send transferred energy to Finkraft with the accuracy of hourly production.
  • At the maximum 50 kVA (kilo-volt-ampere) production.


  • We will pay for unused electricity the hourly price of the Finland price area on the Nordic electricity exchange NordPool.

Making a contract

  • Contact our customer service by phone 09 6898 8780 (every weekday from 10 to 12 and from 13 to 15) or by e-mail and send a order request. Leave the rest to us.

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