Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make an electricity contract?

Making an electricity contract is easy and quick by visiting our website or by calling our customer service. You have to be at least 18 years old to make an electricity contract. As a consumer you need a Finnish personal identity code and as a business customer you need a business ID. Please check that given information (personal ID, business ID and address) is correct.

2. How do I change my electricity contract to a new address?

Your current electricity contract can’t be transferred to the new address. You have to make a new contract to the new address.

3. How quickly can you start a new contract?

If you’re moving to a new address the contract can start on the same day depending on you local network distributor. If you’re changing electricity vendor the contract can start at the earliest after 15 days. The best way to make sure that the contract starts on the preferred day is to make it well in advance.

4. How can I terminate my electricity contract?

If you want to terminate your contract please contact our customer service by e-mail or by phone 09 6898 8780.

5. Why do I get two electricity bills?

Finkraft invoice includes only electrical energy. Your local network company is responsible for electricity distribution and will send you a separate bill.

6. Why is there ***,** instead of sum total on my invoice?

Total of invoice can be negative, in this case sum total is marked as ***,**. Negative total is transferred as a refund to your next invoice. If your contract has terminated and you have received negative end bill you will get a refund from paid energy invoices. In this case please contact our customer service and send your IBAN account number to get the refund.

7. Is my contract type fixed term contract?

If your contract is fixed term you will find the information on your invoice’s specification page. You also find the length of contract on the specification page.

8. What shoud I do if there’s any errors in electricity supply?

Notifications about errors in electricity supply, metering data or other issues related to the network service shall be reported to the customer’s local network distributor.