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Electronical invoicing

In addition to paper invoices our customers can receive elecronical invoices by e-mail, e-invoices to online bank or e-letters to Netposti. More information about invoicing methods and introduction below.

E-mail invoicing:

Email invoice is send in PDF format and it looks like normal paper invoice. Message includes virtual barcode which eases transferring payment information to your netbank.

To get invoices by e-mail please send your e-mail address to our customer service and let us know that you want to receive bills by e-mail. You can send us an e-mail to or call us 09 6898 8780.


The e-invoice is an electronic bill which is sent to your online bank. You will have control of when and how much your account is charged. E-invoice is published by banks so it’s a safe and useful method to receive and pay invoices. Direct debit method hasn’t been available in Finland since EU regulation in January 2004. However, you can have the equivalent service by using e-invoice and set e-invoice to be paid automatically. Read more here

As a consumer you can sign e-invoicing agreement in your online bank (or other service where e-invoice is delivered). You will need your Finkraft’s customer number which you can find from your latest electricity bill. When you activate e-invoicing it will automatically replace old billing method. If you want to end e-invoicing your old billing method will be reinstated.

E-invoicing for business customers is a bit different and you can activate it by informing company’s e-invoicing details to us. You can send e-invoicing details by mail to our customer service


Netposti is Posti’s free electronic alternative for physical mailboxes and folder archives. In Netposti you can receive invoice that you would otherwise receive in a printed format. The e-letter looks exactly the same as a regular printed invoice does, but it remains safe and is easier to archive and easy to pay.

Netposti is activated in Netposti. Netposti will automatically replace your old billing method excluding e-invoicing. If you have activated e-invoicing, you have to end it and then activate Netposti. If you want to cancel Netposti contract your old billing method will be reinstated. Read more here